About Us

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The logo for the Food Systems Coalition of Greater Gainesville, depicting carrots, a food system, and a social network


We are a grassroots coalition of diverse local stakeholders who share knowledge, resources, experiences, networks, and opportunities for partnership that can enhance our individual efforts. The FSC-GNV is neither an extension of any existing organization or agency nor an entity of its own.

Anyone who is interested can participate in the FSC. Local government staff, non-profits, small food-based business owners, local farmers, community gardeners, faculty, students, healthcare professionals, and more are already involved.


The FSC-GNV meets monthly, alternating between focusing on Food Access & Community Wellbeing and Supply Chain & Economic Development.

We seek to identify barriers (policies, resource gaps, socioeconomic disparities, market challenges, etc.) that impede our local food system and work together towards solutions.


We use a systems perspective in our work. This means we're concerned with the entire lifespan of a food, from seed & feed all the way through to consumption and waste disposal. It also means we're interested in a wide range of fields, including:

Agricultural extension
Farmworker rights and well-being
Community gardening
Food processing & manufacturing
Food transportation & distribution
Food marketing & retailing
Public health
Nutrition education
Emergency food assistance
Institutional food service
Urban planning & policy
And more!