The Latest on Food Recovery: MEANS Database is in Gainesville!

The MEANS Database name and logo surrounded by vegetables

MEANS Database is a national nonprofit organization that connects food-generating entities to local organizations that use the excess food to feed the hungry in their communities. MEANS has partnerships with large entities like UF/IFAS and the UF Family Nutrition Program. And now MEANS Database is joining our efforts here in Gainesville to help improve our food waste recovery.

Women Farmers: FREE Training with Farm2Food!

A flyer for the Farm2Food Accelerator program, an online training empowering Florida women farmers and other food producers

A FREE online training starts in May 2021 for up to ten women farmers and ranchers starting or expanding value-added businesses. The Farm2Food Accelerator empowers Florida’s women farmers, ranchers, producers, growers, fisherwomen, beekeepers, and other related agriculturalists. Visit to learn more, fill out an application, and register for an info session.