Catholic Charities Weekend Hunger Backpack Program supplements meals for children who depend on their school for breakfast and lunch during the school week. The program identifies chronically hungry children who are in need of nutritional assistance over the weekend.

How it Works: 

Volunteers fill the backpacks during the week for the child to take home on Friday. The backpacks have enough food for the child and their siblings to last over the weekend.

How to Get Involved withCatholic Charities Weekend Hunger Backpack Program:

The program needs volunteers to help pack the backpacks during the week as well as food donations. Local nutritionists and food pantries recommended the following foods as “kid-friendly,” nutritious food items that are easy for a child to carry home in a backpack:

  • Canned Meat: Tuna, Chicken, Vienna Sausage
  • Canned Goods: Fruit, Ravioli, Vegetables, Beans, Soup, Chili w/ Beans,
  • Miscellaneous: Juice Boxes, Macaroni & Cheese, Snacks (individual size)
  • Pudding & Jell-O Packs, Snack Crackers, Raisins, Applesauce, Fruit Chews

However, these are ONLY suggestions. The program staff WILL accept other food not included on this list. Please do not include any items in glass containers.

Please make food donations between August 1 and May 28 of each school year to avoid waste and spoilage. You can also make cash donations year-round to cover the cost of new and replacement backpacks.

How to Donate to Catholic Charities Weekend Hunger Backpack Program

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