Look here to learn about what is happening in Greater Gainesville to improve our local food system. You might also find requests for support from some of our local partners. Thank you to everyone who has shared info about the events and programs your organization is offering and the support you need. Have any local updates to add to this page? Tell us about it HERE!

Community News

  • SNAP Survey is Open to Benefit Recipients
    This SNAP Recipient Survey by Florida Impact to End Hunger is open to Florida residents who currently receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Participating in this survey may help to improve the SNAP program in the future.
  • How To Help Catholic Charities Food Pantry Provide Balanced Meals
    The Catholic Charities Food Pantry, located at 1701 NE 9 Street, Gainesville, FL, provides food packages that are nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of each family or individual.
  • How to Donate to Catholic Charities Weekend Hunger Backpack Program
    Catholic Charities Weekend Hunger Backpack Program supplements meals for children who depend on their school for breakfast and lunch, during the school week. The program identifies chronically hungry children who are in need of nutritional assistance over the weekend. Read on to learn how to donate!
  • Free Grocery Store Provides Mutual Aid to Gainesville
    Gainesville Free Grocery Store is a food-based mutual aid project hosted by the Civic Media Center. It provides free, sustainable food to members of the community while addressing food waste inherent in our current food systems. FGS seeks to challenge the commodification of food that has led to unequal food access.
  • Short-term Increase to the WIC Cash Value Benefit
    As a result of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the WIC Cash Value Benefit (CVB) will increase temporarily. The CVB is a voucher that participants can use to buy fruits and vegetables. These vouchers help improve the dietary quality of WIC participants.
  • Women Farmers: FREE Training with Farm2Food!
    A FREE online training starts in May 2021 for up to ten women farmers and ranchers starting or expanding value-added businesses. The Farm2Food Accelerator empowers Florida’s women farmers, ranchers, producers, growers, fisherwomen, beekeepers, and other related agriculturalists. Visit www.f2faccelerator.org to learn more, fill out an application, and register for an info session.

Local Updates on FSC-GNV Initiatives

  • Community Reviewers’ Input Wanted for This Site
    We want this website to be as user-friendly as possible. Therefore, we want to hear from people in the North Central Florida area about how it can be improved. There are opportunities to sign up as a compensated community reviewer as well as provide input at your convenience.
  • Research Database in Progress: Calling for Resources!
    We’re building an online food systems research database. It will be free for anyone to use and specific to the North Central Florida region. Right now, we’re seeking research and data that are not yet available online. If you’ve got resources or ideas to contribute, we’d love to hear from you!

FSC-GNV Meeting Notes Archive

  • Economic Development and Supply Chain Notes from August 17 2021
    The FSC-GNV met on August 17, 2021. These meeting notes summarize partner updates as well as discussion of a community grocery store in SE Gainesville. You can access the PDF version to share and download from this page.
  • Food Access and Community Wellness Notes from July 20 2021
    The FSC-GNV met on July 20, 2021. These meeting notes summarize the discussion on Food Access & Community Wellness, especially discussions about a new Produce Prescription Program. You can access the PDF version to share and download from this page as well.
  • Notes and Updates from the July 2021 Meeting
    The FSC-GNV met on July 13, 2021. These meeting notes summarize presentations on UF Small Business & Vendor Diversity, the UF Economic Impact Analysis Program, and the FSC-GNV. You can access the PDF version to share and download from this page as well.