We’re building an online food systems research database. It will be:

  • Free to everyone
  • Specific to the North Central Florida region
  • Searchable using keywords

So far, we’ve been searching for published sources. Now, we’re looking for resources that are not already available online. If you have information that might be a good fit, we’d love to hear from you! We’re interested in a wide range of academic and non-academic resource types, including:

  • Academic journal articles
  • Reports
  • White papers
  • Brochures
  • De-identified datasets (please make sure NO information could be used to identify any person)

We also know that “food systems” is a very broad topic, since food touches so many aspects of life. We will be grateful for any resources related to food systems that you can share. However, we’re especially interested in these high-priority areas:

  • Community food security & accessibility
  • Food sovereignty
  • Farmer & farmworker well-being
  • Food policy
  • Local food economy
  • Nutritional health & behavior
  • Local food culture & history
  • Food waste
  • Food safety
  • Community gardening

Contact us!

The team currently includes Miranda Carver Martin, Renz Torres, and Cody Gusto. If you have resources to contribute, please use this contact form to reach us:

Research Resource Submission

More about the research database project

There are many food-focused databases already. However, this one will be specific to our geographic area. Our goal is to make locally produced food systems research easier to find. Doing so should support initiatives tailored to the contexts of our local communities. Gathering lessons learned from past efforts into a shared database will also help us build on previous work instead of repeating it.

Anyone will be able to access and use this online tool for free. We intend for everyone to benefit from it. However, the target users of the research database itself include (but are not limited to):

  • Public service providers
  • Policymakers
  • Researchers
  • Activists
  • Educators and students
  • Community health workers
  • Agricultural extension agents
  • Food pantry administrators
  • Farmers market managers
  • Community garden facilitators
  • Healthcare providers
We will follow copyright laws. As a result, we will not host full texts on the front-end of the database unless we are granted express legal permission by the author/publisher. However, we understand that paywalls make important information inaccessible to most people. Therefore, we plan to provide jargon-free summaries along with external links to full-text landing pages. These summaries will highlight the parts of each source that pertain to our local food systems. That way, database users can make more informed decisions about whether to pay for the full text.

Help spread the word about the research database!

Please feel free to download and share these promotional materials with your networks.

Research Database in Progress: Calling for Resources!