Food Waste Recovery Survey

Several community organizations – including the City of Gainesville – are committed to improving food access in our community. One way we can do this is to make sure food does not go to waste.┬áBy working together, businesses and food recovery organizations (like food banks and food pantries) can work to get donations for extra food to hungry people in Gainesville.

The City recognizes that the businesses and food recovery organizations may need some assistance to be successful in recovering food waste. Therefore, in partnership with the Repurpose Project and Zero Waste Gainesville’s Food Waste Reduction and Composting Campaign, the City of Gainesville is reaching out to learn more about the needs of businesses and food recovery organizations.

If you are part of a food recovery organization, please take a few moments to take THIS SURVEY, which will close on October 8th, 2021. Also check back in for updates as this initiative progresses.

A survey for businesses that generate extra food is coming soon.

City Asks What Food Waste Recovery Groups Need to be Successful

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