Recovering food that would otherwise go to waste is one way we can improve food access in our community. Businesses and food recovery organizations (like food banks and food pantries) can work together on this! Specifically, they can work to get donations of extra food to Gainesville residents who are hungry. Several local businesses have been doing this important work for years through Gainesville Harvest, a program managed by Bread of the Mighty Food Bank. And now with MEANS Database helping to reduce the logistical barriers to recovering wasted food, more and more business partners and nonprofits are joining in the movement.

The City of Gainesville recognizes that these organizations and businesses may need help with recovering food waste. Therefore, in partnership with the Repurpose Project and Zero Waste Gainesville’s Food Waste Reduction and Composting Campaign, the City is reaching out to learn more about the needs of businesses and food recovery organizations.

In October 2021 a survey was conducted among food recovery organizations. The results of the survey were presented at the November 9th City of Gainesville Zero Waste Subcommittee meeting. A survey to food-generating businesses will be conducted in early 2022.

Food Waste Reduction & Recovery Initiative in Gainesville

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